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Museum Display Cases & Rotating Display Case

museum display cases & rotating display case OEM Options for glass display cabinet:

museum display cases &  rotating display case

An impressive glass display cabinet which ensures every product on display is visible and shown off in the best light.

This display cabinet with sliding doors is designed for easy viewing for the customer and accessibility for their vendor.

Toughened safety glass is used for all the cabinet’s panels and the frame can be finished in either black or silver.

The shelves inside the unit are adjustable.

This adjustable display cabinet with sliding doors is ideal for permanent display of retail items or exhibition displays.

Dimensions: 1000x400x1972mm

Aluminium frame angled profile creates contemporary look

Four included shelves are adjustable

The aluminium frame, in black or silver, has a modern feel to it and with adjustable shelves it is easy to find space for even the largest items. 

Pls feel free to contact us today to find out more about our display cabinets range.

OEM Options for glass display case:


Color for Metal Frame

 Silver, Black, Golden, White, Wood Grain

Color For Board Panel

 Black, White, Grey, Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, Woodgrain ect

Type of Glass

Tempered Glass

Type of Door

 Sliding Door / Hinged Open Door

Customized Size

Width <= 1500 mm

Depth <= 600 mm

Height <= 2300 mm

Customized Number Of Glass Shelves

 Depends on  Customer's request

Type of Backside

 Glass / Board Panel / Slatwall panel / Mirror / Metal perforated panel


K/D Packing /   Assembled Packing  

Type of Lights

Led Spotlight / Led Stripe Light / Halogen Spotlight


Can add wheels , Logo; OEM Service