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Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Rack

Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Rack Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Rack size: Depth: 1.8mm/2.0mm/2.3mm/2.5mm Weight Capacity: 4000kgs per level Width: 2000-4000mm Height: 12000mm Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Rack feature: 1.LIFO/FIFO (last in, first out/first in, first out) configurations...

Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Rack features:

1), Suitable for small variety but large quantity stored products, especially for standard goods;


2), Very high utility ratio of the warehouse;


3), Each aisle consists of several level of pallet support rail. Pallets are placed on pallet support rail one after another;


4), Forklifts operation alongside the aisle;


5), First-in-last-out access process, one side in/out or two side in/out can be met.


6), Top and back bracing are used to fix the whole racking, making the whole racking stable and safe;


7), first level pallets can be placed on the floor;


8), Surface treatment: powder painting;


9), Different size available;


Upright / Upright protector specifications : 80*63, 90*66, 100*66, 120*66, 140*66mm

Cantilever beam:   78*50*3.8mm

Pallet Guide Rail : 100*2.0mm