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Heavy Duty Warehouse Industrial Shelf

Heavy Duty Warehouse Industrial Shelf Heavy Duty Warehouse industrial shelf size: Depth: 1.8mm/2.0mm/2.3mm/2.5mm Weight Capacity: 4000kgs per level Width: 2000-4000mm Height: 12000mm Heavy Duty Warehouse industrial shelf feature: 1.LIFO/FIFO (last in, first out/first in, first out)...

The design principle of this Heavy Duty Warehouse Industrial Shelf is to joint rows of traditional racks, without special access or aisle. It is allocated by tow rows of racks installed back to back or a single group of racks against the wall, and the forklifts use the same aisle to access. this system racking is stored from inward to outward, and goods to be delivered are withdrawn from outward to inward in sequence. The drive-in rack is suitable for raw materials warehouses or transit warehouses for periodical batch operations and high storage frequency

Parameters for Heavy Duty Warehouse Industrial Shelf

Loading Capacity:

Up to 1,500 kgs per pallet

Racking Height:

Up to 12,000mm

Racking Depth:

Maximum 18 pallets deep

Racking Width:

Maximum 100 pallets wide

Racking Finishing:

Powder Coated Finishing

Raw Steel Code: 

Q235B High Grade Hot Rolled Steel