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Injection Mold Storage Racks - Die Roll Out Racks

Injection Mold Storage Racks - Die Roll Out Racks details: 1. Roll Out Racks mainly be used for storage of moulds; 2. Rack standard size: L3100*D615*H2000MM; 3. upright post:100*50MM square tube, #10 channel steel, 4.upright post spacer 25MM*25MM square tube 5. Drawer material: 2.0MM cold roll...

Injection Mold Storage Racks - Die Roll Out Racks details:

Material: steel Q235 

finish: spray paint

mold rack is mainly used for storage of all kinds of mould, which could be assembled with manual movable carriage on the top so as to easily take and retrieve the goods. The side rack was equipped with idler wheel rail on the bottom and the sliding shelf panel could be freely pulled out when loading. The middle type slide rack could carry less than 600KG/drawer, and the heavy type slide rack could load more than 1200KG/drawer. The entire rack is section combination structure, which is convenient for transport, and the assembly is simple and fast and this rack possesses better safety protection device. Special drawer type mold rack can be ordered. 

Mold rack is a system to pull out shelf as a whole using special bearing. It is very economical mobile rack system because it doesn't need wide passage and large space to load and store heavy goods.

It is unique suspension device. (Bearing Holder / Slide / Stroke / Safety Stopper)

There is single-sided type and double-sided type. Double-sided type is connected in the Row Spacer.

Less than 1ton is manual drawer style, more than 2ton is cylinder style

Roll Out Racks feature:

Rack Height:

1500mm; 1700mm; 1900mm; 2100mm

Layer Amount:

4-8 layers


Paint coated, hot dipped galvanized or as per customers’ requirement

Frame Color:

Blue, white,green or as customer's request

Layer Sheet Specification:

Cold rolled steel plate, 2mm thickness

Upright Specification:

25 ×25mm Channel Steel

Beam Specification:

50×30×0.8mm P-type Steel

Bearing Capacity:

Average 1000-3000kg/layer( Tile bearing)


Easy extracting with drawwer plate and 

We accept just need send us your mold size and weight,we will design rack to match your mold.