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How To Identify The Quality Of Warehouse Storage Rack
Jul 06, 2017

How to identify the quality of warehouse storage rack

With the development of society, warehouse storage rack gradually into our lives, but do you really understand warehouse storage rack.let's me briefly explain.

1.warehouse Shelf materialis cold-rolled steel, preferably GB, but with the rarely national standard manufacturers becuase of price issues, The easiest way is to follow the agreed load bearing in the contract.

2.warehouse Shelf structure:Column to check if the cross section of the bending is more and  well-distributed.Cross beam to check Hook structure and the form of beam hang to column.more hooks will be better,the more hooks,the good loading capacity.

3.warehouse storage rack surface treatment: shelf surface spraying treatment to be uniform will have strong adhesion.Whether the surface of the shelf spraying is uniform need to see the  edge of shelf column hole,if the edge spraying well.when checking,you can  Tapping with a hard object.If it is easy to fall off shows that the shelf is easy to rust.