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How To Organize Your Mold To Storage Better
Mar 19, 2018

how to organize your mold to storage better

  1. , when the moulds are put into storage, they should be cleaned in time, And injecting lubricating oil into the injection hole at the top of the guide column,Cover a piece of paper in order to prevent dust or sundries.Thus influence the guidance precision.

  2. In order to prevent the mold from rusting, a layer of antirust oil should be coated on the surface of the die convex, concave die, and the surface of the guide column.

3.In order to avoid the failure of the unloading device in a long period of pressure, the limit of the block should be placed on the mold and the lower die seat.

4.The upper and lower parts of the mold should not be removed, because this will make the dirt and dust enter the work or may be accidental.

5.Find an expert supplier for the design of the mold rack, design the appropriate mold storage plan according to the size of your mold and the size of the mold storage room.