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Making The Showcase Process
May 24, 2017

Method / step:

1. Survey size (or provide drawings with specific requirements)

Common is to receive a notice after the customer measurement should be established a special measurement of the single, which reflects some of the shopping malls and Party A specific information and the specific requirements of this store to facilitate the penetration of this process, the general first and A Side clerk contact, to the scene and shopping malls, business tripartite field survey, this will reduce a lot of unnecessary mistakes.

2. Design a picture

Drawings generally according to the requirements of Party C design a map, according to different grades of different shopping malls design different renderings, display cabinet manufacturers will be based on the measurement of the establishment of a special design process to document a single document to reflect the specific Information to facilitate this project to better operate and implement. This document uses a follow-up to the designer to receive the project at the same time to start the measurement of the project to confirm the order to the factory is a ring between the relative.

3. Confirm the drawings

This link is the whole store in the production process is the most important and most prone to problems in the link, the general will be reflected in the venue changes and shopping malls production requirements of these two aspects of the venue changes are often the general shopping mall will inform Party A, Party Promptly notify the display cabinet manufacturers to re-measure, and in the production requirements of the shopping malls tend to put some relatively rigid provisions, often with the Party's CI standards have some conflict, if not in accordance with the requirements of the production of shopping malls, It is hoped that Party A will communicate with the mall and strengthen the confirmation of this, so as to facilitate the field operation of the production counter.

4. Quotation confirmation

Drawings confirmed that we made a special drawing according to the drawings, Party A confirmed the audit. After confirming the completion of the audit to inform us to make the production, Party A to make a written form of a store to the display cabinet production, the above reflects the amount of Party A audit, production area, production type and The requirements of the entry time to complete the time and some other specific factors, display cabinet production side in the production notice will also receive the design process and the final confirmation of the results to the factory, the factory and then according to the specific operation of the document.

5. Factory production

Factories in the design process to receive a single (documents will reflect the production requirements of the mall) at the same time, complete the work of the examination, but also the establishment of the project materials to receive a single, the above to make the use of the project materials, workers in the material With the specific details of the single, to the warehouse for the production of materials, factory production at the same time the factory director should be the appearance of the project acceptance, and the establishment of the project appearance acceptance, to ensure that the project before the installation of the product qualification rate is 100 %, This part of the factory must be in strict accordance with the design process in the specific requirements of the operation to avoid some problems. The factory director is also required to review the product according to the design process.

6. On-site installation

Store goods display cabinet production is completed at the same time we assembled at the same time we also set up the project construction project (using tracking to the store), the document reflects some of the basic information of this project, and This project in the assembly process in the process of some of the records, site construction is often unexpected events and some non-human factors caused by more changes, the display cabinet producers will be reflected in this document, while to the party and shopping malls confirm. To facilitate a better audit of Party A.

7. On-site inspection

After the acceptance, the display cabinet production side of the first time will be a single fax fax to Party A, told the project has been qualified to complete the operation. Measurement Notices - Measurement Single - Design Flow Order - Quotation Form - Production Notification - Material Receipt Single - Appearance Checklist - Construction Single - After Sales Service Tracking Sheet

These documents form a complete system of individual projects and are indispensable. But also in order to better promote the terminal store store more efficient and more efficient implementation.