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Mold Rack
May 24, 2017

A full set of molds for the production of specific powder products by pressing or reloading.

In addition, the mold support is also called mold, such as die casting machine will be part of the mold by a certain law and location to be combined and fixed, and the mold can be installed to the die-casting machine on the part of the work called mold, by the introduction of institutions, Reset the body mold foot pad, seat plate composition.

What is the mold frame?

At present, the application of molds involves each product (such as automobile, aerospace, daily necessities, electrical communication, medical equipment, etc.), as long as the number of products will be the application of mold production, and mold is an inseparable part of the mold. At present, the accuracy requirements of the mold, according to different levels according to product demand.

Mold is a semi-finished molds, from a variety of different parts with steel components, can be said that the whole set of mold skeleton. As the mold and mold involved in the processing are very different, mold manufacturers will choose to mold mold manufacturers to order mold, the use of both production advantages to improve the overall quality and efficiency of production.

After years of development, mold production industry has been quite mature. Mold manufacturers in addition to individual mold needs, to buy custom-made mold, but also select the standard mold products. Standard mold rack style diversification, and delivery time is short, or even buy and use, for mold manufacturers to provide greater flexibility. So the popularity of standard mold is increasing.

In simple terms, the mold frame has a preform, a positioning device and a ejector. General configuration for the panel, A board (front template), B board (after the template), C board (square iron), floor, thimble panel, thimble floor, and guide posts, needle and other spare parts.