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Mold Rack Classification
Jun 22, 2017

Mold rack classification

Mold rack is similar to cantilever rack,both are use to storage specical items. cantilever rack storage long materia.mold rack mainly to storage plastic mold,Hardware mold,Die Finale,powder metallurgy

 rack,Extrusion die.

Mold storage rack structure

1.mold rack Assembld mainly by the column, guide slot, movable drawer layer, pull rod, Safety pin, bolt connection. Stable structure,

Safe and reliable.Generally used in a row.

2.movable drawer layer consists of Slide, drawer tray,

3.The mould rack was equipped with idler wheel rail on the bottom and the sliding shelf panel could be freely pulled out when loading.

The advantage of mold shelf

1.Safe and reliable,additional positioning device, safe and reliable used

2.Handle convenient,use bearing assembled,move stable,A separate form hoist. space,1.8 square meters area can put Dozens sets of mold rack.

4.color can be make as customer's requirement.

5.Bearing surface using pattern board, can increase friction to prevent mold slide.

6.Assembly shelf length according to need.

7.The adjustable foot height, to overcome the uneven surface site.