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Selection Of Mold Steel Standard
May 24, 2017

Mold mold in the use of the time when the temperature is relatively high, so the mold must have a certain high temperature resistance, able to withstand a certain pressure.

 1, mold need to heat treatment process, to improve its hardness, to ensure that there is a thicker stiffness. Because the use of the mold will be subject to greater pressure and friction, must ensure that the mold shape and size of the accuracy of stability, can ensure that the mold can be used for a longer time. And the impact of mold mold wear resistance is a great way is due to the chemical composition of steel and heat treatment of the hardness of the impact, so when the die mold hardness increased later, it will have more excellent wear resistance The

 2, cutting the mold mold will have a longer impact on the performance, in order to allow cutting tools can be used longer to ensure good cutting performance and reduce roughness, mold mold which must use the appropriate steel.

 3, in the mold used in the use of steel must be properly polished, so that its surface is more smooth, steel impurities can not be too much in the polishing time will not have pits and orange peel problems Wait.

The performance of the mold steel will have a greater impact on the mold itself, so we must pay attention to the choice of steel to ensure that the mold can be long-term application.

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