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Shelf Industry Characteristics
May 24, 2017

Shelf industry characteristics

1. Market demand continues to grow

With the overall growth of China's economy, the rapid development of the logistics industry, shelf products, market demand continues to grow. The demand for the shelves of the industry has become more and more widely. In addition, the demand for shelves for new materials, food refrigeration, publishing and other industries has risen sharply, and in the past two years, the market demand for shelves has been increasing. In recent years, In the sudden emergence. To publish distribution, for example, some large distribution companies, bookstores groups have established a large-scale warehouses and distribution centers, and many book publishing companies have to build logistics center planning. The rapid expansion of the food refrigeration industry has also led to the development of the shelf industry, which has led to a surge in market demand and rapid release in the last two years. Nearly two years for the Erie, Mengniu, bright and other dairy companies to provide the total value of various types of shelves has reached tens of millions of dollars.

2. Foreign trade business grows

Nearly three years, shelf exports to maintain rapid growth. Relying on the domestic product price advantage, payment security, quality assurance and many other favorable factors, many foreign customers on the domestic production of shelves have favor; the other hand, after years of cooperation, part of the domestic enterprises and foreign buyers have established a more solid Of the supply and marketing relations, with the domestic market competition intensified, foreign trade and export enterprises to become one of the important business. Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and the Middle East is relatively early shelf exports are relatively concentrated areas, at present, Oceania, South America has gradually become the main purchaser of the shelves. But by the exchange rate instability, raw and auxiliary materials prices and other unfavorable factors, the risk of exports gradually increased, should be concerned about the production enterprises.

3. Project scale, product diversity show

In recent years, with the increase in market demand, more than 10 million yuan of shelf projects and orders are also emerging. This reflects the strong demand from one side, the shelf in the production, circulation and other aspects have been fully applied.

To meet the different needs of users of the industry, while improving the shelf production enterprises own product market competitiveness, many companies in the development of diversified products to work hard, increase investment in science and technology, and actively develop a refrigeration, automatic selection and other functions of the shelf. Thus, the shelf is no longer a simple "storage" shelf, has now gradually evolved into a set of diverse and complex functions in one system. For example, the largest single domestic logistics center - Shanghai Haiyan tobacco and alcohol logistics and distribution center both automated three-dimensional library, there are multi-storey loft, as well as beam-type shelves, gravity shelves and self-sliding shelves.

Throughout the overall situation, the national economic development momentum and the overall development of the logistics industry are effectively promoted the rapid development of the shelf industry. In general, the overall development of the domestic economy on the shelf industry, the impact of the development or to the positive majority, but for raw materials, exchange rate instability, production capacity and other unfavorable factors must be given full attention.

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