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Showcase Knowledge
May 24, 2017

First, the product sales have become more and more dependent on the display cabinet, but if you do not choose a good display cabinet, then not only can not show a good product to the guests, and even bring their own negative impact may also be. How to choose a good clothing display cabinet?

Second, the clothing display cabinet is used for exhibition clothing containers. Materials are mainly environmentally friendly wood, specially made fire board, acrylic board, transparent crystal plate, and so on. Easy disassembly, transportation and so on. On a little more valuable ornaments, clothing, accurate spectrograph, mobile phones and a variety of computer products used in the shelf. Height, width, length can be based on the use of debugging. Such as jewelry display cabinets, clothing display cabinets, cosmetics display cabinets, the color of gold, silver and white color, matte black, pink, gray and other colors. The top can be installed light box, cabinet lights optional fluorescent, spotlights, with the top light box. There is no fixed standard, according to the needs of goods and the location of the ground, do standard or special-shaped display cabinets. Placed against the wall placed in the display cabinet back to the opaque plate, optional and cabinet appearance the same color, white color or mirror. Square display cabinet for the four sides of the transparent glass, to adapt to the exhibition gems, decorations, wrist on the table, cell phone and other small things, you can also display cabinets for exhibition gifts, crafts, electronic products, pens, tobacco and so on Larger pieces of something. In order to showcase the various exhibitions of the cabinet, there are all the components of the display cabinet that are suitable for the use of removable and removable parts, which are not considered suitable for use. Regardless of the glue material, a screwdriver can complete the entire display Disassembly. The display cabinet has a beautiful appearance, beautiful structure, easy disassembly, convenient transportation, widely used in enterprise exhibition hall, exhibition, department store, advertising, etc., in handicrafts, gifts, precious stones, mobile phones, eyes, clocks, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics Industry is widely used.

Third, Hangzhou far Che-hung show design Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in a variety of business-type furniture, a variety of display cabinets, display rack production and store design company. Products in a clear, elegant style, smooth lines, reasonable space structure, the color of the charm and lighting for customers to accurately pass the power of the brand. The company has a work seriously and experienced professional and technical management team and excellent quality system, customers can take time to the quality and quantity of the completion of the production of products.

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