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The Application Of Parts Cabinet
Jun 22, 2017

The application of parts cabinet

Part cabinet is mainly used for reorganize and storage the parts,plastic box color have transparent,blue and black.cabinet can with door or not,Because of its convenience and utility, it is favored by many Suitable for storage various of small parts,sample tool and electronic components in office or factory.The plastic drawer have a color label indicate the name and specifications of goods in it.

parts cabinet feature

1.flexible space,each drawer have two pieces divisions,it adjust the space in the drawer.

2.Color identity management,plastic drawer have color label,it can write goods name and specifications in the label,Improve work efficiency.

3.Bring great convenience for factory 5S Implementation,Improve the working efficiency of the staff,Save the time to find the spare parts.

4.Prevent Slide design,Prevent drawer slides when pull out,ensure the goods will not Drop damage.

5.use electrostatic dusting treatment.

6.The cabinet with door and is easy for manage parts.

parts cabinet category

1.Cabinet with door:75 drawers,48 drawers,30 drawers,27 drawers

2.Cabinet without door:75 drawers,48 drawers,30 drawers,27 drawers,24 drawers,20 drawers,12 drawers,10 drawers.

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