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The Basic Rules Of Showcase Making
May 24, 2017

The purpose of the display cabinet is to make the audience in the limited time and space to receive the most effective information. Therefore, the counter production is around how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of display activities carried out. In addition to the design of the environment itself, the display of the display form of the display is also an important part of the showcase production. Therefore, in addition to the study of the basic principles of general space design, the researchers in the display of the object is visual physiology and psychological process is the basic premise of counter production. The collection of exhibits will form a variety of visual factors, these factors in varying degrees on the visual impact. The way in which human beings observe things has a certain degree of commonality, and the study of these common features is the basic starting point of our study of visual laws. The following are the same as the "

Modern research on visual psychology and artistic psychology has made great progress, and the results of these aspects are widely used in the design of modern display. Based on the commonality of visual behavior, the counter production has introduced many principles of plane composition, three-dimensional composition and color composition, and formed a relatively complete design principle and rule in the practice of counter production.

The use of straight lines, curves, circles, triangles and rectangles is the most basic design of visual elements. Straight line in the visual is the most common phenomenon, but also the counter production in the use of one of the most extensive visual elements, the use of appropriate straight line, will have a clear visual effect. In the display of the application of appropriate curves, can enrich the overall effect, to create a rhythm and rhythm changes in the effect of change from a simple straight line caused by the solemn, severe atmosphere. From a geometric point of view, a circle is a shape surrounded by a continuous curve, and the distance between the points on the curve is equal to the distance from the center of the shape. From the perspective of counter production, the circle is very useful shape, it can be a solid disc, it can be a hollow ring. The use of the prototype should make the whole of the local can be effectively harmonious. The use of triangular or rhombic cones can produce richer visual imagination and contrast in counter production. In the composition, a set of triangles of different positions are usually arranged as asymmetric triangular groups to produce rich And there are changes in Syria. In the display of the rectangle, in fact, two forms, that is, rectangular and square, different area, the volume of the rectangle and the organic combination of cube, can cause numerous changes in the form. This is one of the most common ways to show reality.

Showcase is the main carrier of commercial goods, but also constitute the main framework of commercial space vision. Different products have different display cabinets

Form and function. Shopping malls display cabinet design and production of the pros and cons, will directly affect the sales of goods and corporate brand image. In recent years, display cabinets in the design, production has a greater development and progress, which is mainly more mature market competition, companies pay more attention to shaping the brand image of the results. However, look at department stores or shopping malls showcase props design and production, are much different from the international standard. The main reason is that the display cabinet design lacks the overall planning design and puts forward the specialized standard request. The problem is due to the lack of professional business design company and the lack of talent, as well as commercial enterprises in the mall decoration design planning lack of professional company specific guidance. So in the mall decoration planning and showcase design to imitate more ingredients, and design companies on the mall business, management, marketing, the inherent needs of the system is the lack of professional understanding and research. As a result, many shopping malls produce visual space homogeneity, lack of practicality, artistry, economy, security and humanized functional requirements. Because the display cabinet is the main carrier of the display of goods, as in the family of furniture, not only as much as possible to take clothing, furnishings and works of art practicality, but also with affinity and personality, the performance of a family cultural level With the style, but also the performance of a family's economic strength, and design display cabinet is also true. Whether the department store, or shopping malls, stores the future trend of competitive development, are moving towards their target market positioning, for their target customers to build a warm, infectious shopping, entertainment, leisure space environment. Therefore, the design display cabinet is necessary to design furniture as uncompromising attention to grasp the design cabinet design elements, design ideas and ideas, ideas, ideas into it.