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What Types Of Display Showcase Do You Include?
May 24, 2017

Speaking of shopping malls, I feel the impression is rich in variety, different styles, and shopping malls display products due to the characteristics of different products and properties, display cabinets are not the same use, the main role of shopping malls showcase is For the display of all walks of life to display the goods, and to help all walks of life in the sale of goods to increase the turnover, the reason why the name of the shopping malls showcased by the display of the name of the goods to name, I said under the mall which we often see the shopping malls in the end what kind of display?

First, the main female-based display of the main products are cosmetics display cabinets, jewelry display cabinets, underwear display cabinets, clothing display cabinets, silver display cabinets, etc.

Second, the daily life-based display cabinets are ceramic display cabinets, alcohol display cabinets, watches and clocks, display cabinets, digital display cabinets, mobile phone display cabinets, jade display cabinets, glass display cabinets, glasses display cabinets, electronic display cabinets, etc.

Third, to children as the main items of the display cabinet children's display cabinets, toys display cabinets, cartoon display cabinets, animation display cabinets, etc.

Fourth, the baby-based display cabinets have baby showcases, milk display cabinets and so on

Five, mainly to the main package of shoes and bags showcase, shoe, handbag display cabinet.