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Metal Small Parts Storage Cabinet

Metal small parts storage cabinet:

 Metal small parts storage cabinet:

1. Product Name


Metal small parts storage cabinet


2. Material

Steel tube Q195 ,0.6mm thickness / PS(transparent)/ ABS(blue) for drawers

3. Cabinet Size

H990*W645*D280 (mm)

4. Drawer Size

H50*W101*D220 (mm)

5. Packing Size

H1080*W730*D380 (mm)

6. Drawer Color


7. Net Weight

30 KG/pcs

8. Gross Weight

32 KG/pcs

9. Usage

Suitable for factories, offices, a variety of small parts, hardware tools, machine parts, mold parts, electronic components, materials, stationery and other use of storage.


(1) flexible Space,each drawer with 2 dividers, Random adjustment.

(2) colorful label,remark in each drawer

(3) anti-sling design, to prevent sliding,each drawer with slot, never fall off

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